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Cold smoked products

Cold smoked technology products require additional preparation- salting. It takes up to three days to brine fish. Smoking is usually accomplished at a temperature of 30-35 degrees and takes 6 to 24 hours. Cold smoking does not add extra fat in fish. The finished product contains only the most valuable fish oil in the initial […]

Hot smoked products

When smoking by a hot method, the temperature of smoke which processes fish reaches 120 degrees. It becomes ready to the use in several hours. Smoke-cured products have delicious aroma and fine gentle taste. Smoking allows to keep all vitamins and amino acids containing in fish. Such vital minerals as iodine, calcium and magnesium remain […]

Lightly Salted products

Salted fish is full of flavor and healthy qualities. It is digestible protein, a set of vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus and fluorine. Regular consumption of fish and fish products in food helps to normalize the thyroid gland, the human metabolic processes in body and is an excellent prevention of hormonal disorders, vision problems, […]

Dried salted products

Dry-curing is a cold drying which provides complete dehydration of the product. Dried fish has a number of useful properties, the major of them is Omega-3 which promotes the cancer cells death. Small fish can be eaten with the bones, enriching your body with calcium. Also fish contains fluorine and phosphorus, which protects the teeth […]

Seafood Preserves

Seafood preserves is ready-to-eat and tasty dish. Preserved food is more useful than canned food. Due to the peculiarities of preparation they saved much more vitamins and minerals. Gentle processing technology is used in manufacturing of preserves, which allows keeping as much as possible nutritional value of the natural product. Various marinades recipes and fillings […]

Seafood culinary products

All the gifts of the seas and oceans, except fish and mammals are called seafood. Most of seafood is low calorie, low fat and high in protein. Seafood is rich in iodine, calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements. Seafood is tasty and good for health.


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Trepang/Sea cucumber (stychopus japonicus)

Trepang is a sea bottom invertebrate. In Eastern medicine Sea cucumber (trepang) has been always used as a powerful tool against many serious illnesses and its strength therapeutic effect was valued on a par with ginseng. Trepang fabrics are perfectly rich in microelements and biologically active substances. In general, sea cucumber has anti-aging effect on […]