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Intermediary services for the fish products shipment to China, South Korea

We provide intermediary services for shipment of fishery and aquaculture products to the People’s Republic of China and South  Korea.

Registration number Company name Company address
China CH-510 SP AV Busov Primorsky Krai, Bolshoy Kamen, 57 Karl Marks Street, p.1
South Korea RK-1-510 SP AV Busov Primorsky Krai, Bolshoy Kamen, 57 Karl Marks Street, p.1


Product Type:

  • Cold smoked fish;
  • salted fish;
  • dried fish;
  • salted jellyfish;
  • frozen fish (gutted and ungutted);
  • Frozen fish fillets;
  • Frozen fish offal (heads, breast fins, cheeks, cuttings, raw salmon caviar, milts, tails);
  • Frozen seafood (frozen filet and mantle of scallop; boiled-frozen mussels; boiled-frozen and raw-frozen whelk; boiled-frozen and raw-frozen cucumaria; frozen gutted octopus; frozen gutted and ungutted squid; boiled-frozen and raw-frozen spisula; boiled-frozen and raw-frozen stychopus japonicus (trepang));
  • Dried Seafood (Dried squid, dried squid fillets, dried squid semolina, dried squid tentacles;; dried scallop fillet and mantle; dried mussel meat, dried cucumaria japonica; dried stychopus japonicus (trepang); dried octopus and octopus tentacles);
  • Frozen raw Laminaria;
  • Boiled-frozen and raw-frozen crab limbs;
  • Frozen glazed crab limbs, cut into separate fragments, including packaged;
  • boiled-frozen crab meat;
  • boiled-frozen and raw-frozen shrimp (cleaned and in shell);
  • packaged frozen shrimp;
  • trepang (stychopus japonicus) with honey.
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